Bob on Paintings



What do I paint?

I combine a variety of painting methods to create something unique, affordable, unique and something that is treasured by you. 

Animals: Horses, cats, dogs, ducks, sheep - even a mouse! Close up or in combination with special places or people. 

PeopleCapturing people at a special time, or a special person and friendship. 

Places: A special place to you or friends and family. Wedding venues, a memorable view or just somewhere you like.

Check out commissions and the galleries for some inspiration!

I can create so it looks very realistic...

I can create so it looks very realistic...

...or I can combine media to create a more stylised approach.

...or I can combine media to create a more stylised approach.


A bit about me

I love creating! It has a very special place in my heart... quite literally!

When I was 46, I developed a heart condition and, as part of the road to recovery, I was encouraged to do something relaxing. So I started painting. I hadn’t done any art since I was at school but, bizarrely and out of nowhere, I had developed a new skill! Paintings for friends and family soon grew into more and more commissions! I started to combine different media - traditional watercolours, acrylics, sometimes the latest technology; inks and even crayons; to create something quite new.

I decided to raise money for charity including The British Heart Foundation, Epilepsy Action and Children with Cancer. I also supported a range of other charities and local causes raising £1000s in donations and in kind.



Prices vary depending on detail and size. I charge between £90-£100 for an original, approximately A4 size multi media piece of work.

  • All works are supplied mounted

  • Frames can be provided at extra. Conversion to canvas is often possible,

  • Free postage to the UK for all mounted works.
    Framed paintings may incur extra charges

  • Terms and conditions apply


What will I need from you?

To keep things simple, I base my work on your photos. I can help choose the best image for your painting, or leave the choice to you.

Photo top tips

  • Outdoor photos, taken in natural light, and in focus are best. Eye colour is essential so no red eye!

  • Quirky is good! As long as its a photo you like. I can turn selfies and snaps into something original and special if the photograph in focus!

  • Don't worry about backgrounds. I don't see that! Although there are many examples of where I have painted people and pets in landscapes as well.


Ready to go?

Email me on with details of your ideas.

Feel free to attach photos, and tell me a bit about what you're looking for.


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