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Terms and conditions


Terms and conditions - the serious bit


My work

My work is mixed media using many different methods to create different works. It means your work is unique. The predominant media is watercolour and needs to be protected from direct sunlight. I can not recreate the exact tones of people in portraits. The work will always be my best interpretation.

Full Payment

Full payment must be made before the work is shipped.

Rejection of a piece of work - I hope it never happens!

When you get your work, you have seven days to contact me if changes are needed. You must meet the costs of shipping both ways if it needs to be returned. I will retain the deposit plus 50% of the final payment total if you are still not happy. However, I work hard to make sure you are happy throughout the process. You basically see everything before I post it anyhow!

If you don't give me the chance to amend the work but still want your money back, this will only be made once the work is sent back to me in original condition within 10 days. I will keep the deposit plus 50% of the final payment. You must meet the shipping costs.

Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers are valid for 18 months. Get in touch as soon as you get them so that you can get on my waiting list.  Prices may change within this time.


In the unlikely event that your work is damaged, it is important that you contact us immediately with a photograph of the damage so I can get in touch with the courier or Royal Mail. I will create the portrait at no cost if necessary, however, the timescale of work will depend upon other commissions I have at the time.


I retain the copyright on all of my artwork. I reserve the right to use my work on my website and in other promotional materials. I will contact you if I would like a testimonial on my website. However, I understand that some of you will wish to keep your workprivate. In this case, please let me know.

Privacy Policy

I will not sell, distribute or lease your personal information to third parties.

See the privacy policy page for more detailed information.